The author is …

… never satisfied, he has never finished a project, he spends too much time on Photoshop instead of working on his technique, he prefers a good old criterium rather than an HB pencil as he should, he always postpones to tomorrow the fact that he should work on his watercolor to put some colors in his drawings, and, he prefers an inker rather than a pencil, because therefore, it goes much faster to fill a sheet!

Here you will find …

… a lot of different things, from sketches to illustrations, nudes and studies. Some will shout that it’s not professional, that it’s not neatly arranged, or that it could be better laid out or that the drawings are too much highlighted: be indulgent, I’ve learned everything by myself, the drawing, the code and how to use it.

My wife and daughter encourage me very much to draw, so they are somehow responsible for this website, if you have complaints, please contact them (one is more patient than the other, I won’t tell you which one!).

All that you will find on this site are my property, any reproduction is prohibited without my authorization.

Have fun searching, digging, browsing, and getting lost, there are easter eggs on some pages of this website, you won’t be disappointed!