Portraits… that’s what I wanted to learn to draw with the nudes.
Some are « constructed », with the lines of constructions learned with the methods of drawing, others, and this is what I want to tend towards as much as possible, are made with « the right brain », that is to say that I tried as much as possible to draw what I saw, and not what I thought I saw.

The profiles that you will see here are therefore made according to the constructions taught in books and courses, the others (my favorite being the 3/4 seen from above) are drawn without construction, only from what I « saw ». They are far from perfect, and they certainly don’t look like the person concerned, but if I put them here, it’s because I like them, and because I think they reflect what I wanted them to reflect.
Some are made from people who have posed, but most of them are made from photos. It goes without saying that it is much (but then really much) easier to be « happy » with the result, when it is done from photos…